Step By Step: Install Windows 8 Enterprise from DVD

Step By Step: Install Windows 8 Enterprise From DVD

Windows 8 Enterprise is one of the operating systems produced by Microsoft. How to install Windows 8 Enterprise is similar to the installation of Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, or earlier versions of Windows (Windows 7, Vista, XP).

how to install windows 8

install windows 8 enterprise on dvd

For you who have never installed an operating system preferably accompanied by a person who is experienced, and make sure that you backup your data before performing the following step-step.

Step 1. Setting your computer bios to boot from a DVD, then insert the installation DVD of Windows 8 Enterprise, and then restart the computer. When it says Press any key to boot from CD or DVD, quickly press ENTER.

Install from DVD 1

Step 2. On Time and currency format list select the location of the location / country you are in, Indonesian example.

Step 3. Click on Next to go to the next step of the installation.

Install from DVD 2

Step 4. Click on Install now to proceed to the next step.

Install from DVD 3

Step 5. Put a check on a I accept the license terms and then click Next to proceed to the next step.

Install from DVD 4

Step 6. Click on the Custom: Install Windows only (advanded)

Install from DVD 5

Step 7. Select a Drive / Partition where you want to perform install, and then click on Next to proceed to the installation process. (for those of you who do not know about the drive and partition, better accompanied by an experienced, because the risk of data loss)

Install from DVD 6

At the time of the installation process the computer will be restart several times. After installation is complete you will be asked to perform the initial settings for your computer.

Install from DVD 7

Step 8. In this step the actually the installation process is completed, but you need to perform some Personalize setting. You can select the background color for the start screen. Then on the PC name type a name computer that you are want. For example: JamalPC. Then click on Next to proceed to the next setting.

Install from DVD 8

Step 9. You can select whether the do the customization of the settings on the computer, or use the standard settings express that has been provided Windows 8, in this example we select express installation settings. Click on Use Express settings to proceed to the next step.

Install from DVD 9

Step 10. Here you can sign in to Windows with Microsoft’s account with some additional features or without Microsoft account. Click on the Sign in without a Microsoft account, and then click Next .

Install from DVD 10

Step 11. Click on the Local account to proceed to the next step.

Install from DVD 11

Step 12. In this section you are asked to include username, password and a password hint, which will be used to log into your computer later. We recommend using a password that is unique but is easy to remember. And then click Finish.

At this step you have finished making all the necessary basic settings on your computer.

Install from DVD 12

After login (enter the password you created in step 12) you will be faced with the look of the start screen. Click on the Desktop.

Install from DVD 13

This is the the display of Windows 8 Enterprise Desktop (no different than display the desktop Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro). If you want to turn off (shutdown) or restarting the computer, point the mouse pointer to the lower right corner of the desktop to the settings menu appears.

Install from DVD 14

Then select Settings, select Power and then, Shutdown and Restart menu will appear.

Install from DVD 15

Install from DVD 16

Good luck ..!

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